Luxurious and palatial treatment recommended for dogs and cats

Are you tired of feeling extremely guilty every time you go away for the entire day? Are you tired of having to think about what your dog or cat are up to when you go away for a long weekend, even though your next door neighbor has kindly offered to look in and feed the animals while you are away. You know full well that his or her brief attention, not even the quick walk around the block, does not do justice to the way you would normal treat your best friend and the way he feels about you.

Perhaps you did not know this before. Did you know that now you and your favorite dog or cat can go way beyond the less than satisfactory kennel treatment when your favorite dog or cat can get luxury dog boarding or luxury cat boarding? Spa treatments for the dogs, would you believe, are also included. Amazingly, obedience training is also on offer for the lads. Peace and quiet, however, is the purview of their famous feline friends that they all love to chase over the neighbor’s wall.

Now, they will be too busy cozying up to their comfortable circumstances to go and bother themselves over another cat. Meals on wheels are of the kind only experienced in mansions. This may concern you by the time your canine or feline friend arrives home, perhaps even reluctantly. But that’s okay because their new care-givers can happily recommend a new and healthy diet that you can pick up from most accredited pet stores.

Apart from the luxury accommodation, five potty breaks a day are given. That’s more than enough, surely. Dog and cat guys and girls also get morning and afternoon play breaks outside. And before bedtime, a gourmet snack is given.