Make your next equestrian event a picturesque but safe affair

Those of you who are not of the establishment can take further encouragement and inspiration from this short note on making your next equestrian event not just a colorful and eventful occasion, but also a safe one. Because your enthusiasm for equestrian sports is so strong, like a cup that runs over, you may sometimes be disappointed in the sense that you have yet to achieve the high and monitored standards adhered to by mainstream events.

You need not wait for your event to grow in reputation. With the right horse jump designs in place, you can turn your mini-event into an annual institution, so much so that participants will be talking about it and encouraging other enthusiasts to look you up and ask how they can become involved too. But to get all this right, of course, you need to be in touch with the professionals. These will be those fellow equestrian enthusiasts with a long history of assisting the establishment in laying out the best horse jumping courses possible.

Their design intentions are not solely focused on aesthetics. Safety for horse and rider remain a high priority. For example, horse jump cups’ shape and depth are designed and manufactured in a manner that makes maximizing safety all the more possible. The cups’ edges are smooth and soft and are (and should never be) never jagged or square shaped. Perhaps you are aware of this and have had experience of this as well, but it is a curious bone of contention that old-styled cups were squat and jagged shaped without giving much thought to the animal and its rider.

There are also dapple cups today that allow you to adjust your jumping poles without having to set your pole on the ground.